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Boston Bus RentalsFinding a reliable charter bus company in Baltimore can sometimes be a chore, especially when there are so many options out there and you are boggled as to which company to go for. But hang on a minute…here you are, at Baltimore Charter Buses website, still exploring your options. We are here to show you why we are a fierce leader in the ground transportation industry in Baltimore.

Our focus. Our uncompromising focus on quality, modern buses is one of the most attractive points about our company. We do not over-sell about the number of vehicles we have in our fleet of buses but rather, we focus on trying to keep the buses road-worthy and well-equipped. This way, whenever our customers uses our coach bus, charter bus, party bus, mini bus, school bus or sleeper coaches, they can go about enjoying themselves instead of worrying about time, errant bus drivers or bus breakdowns. Baltimore Charter Buses is the kind of company that strives to help you make the most out of your time here in Baltimore and to ensure that your event or holiday is as memorable and smooth-sailing as possible.

Timing is everything. We deliver the charter buses right up to your doorstep in a timely manner because we know that time affects every single event that we cater for. The wedding needs to start on time, the VIPs need to get to where they need to get to in a timely manner and you have to observe tight schedules as well for corporate events. Therefore, Baltimore Charter Buses have trained our bus drivers to be timely and emphasize the fact that it reflects badly upon the company a whole if there were delays.

Professional handling of your problems. Our sales staff has all been through thorough training and is capable of providing you with instant information. Event coordinators can be assigned to handle your event too if it was needed. Baltimore Charter Buses customers sometimes approach us because they are unsure about the buses and vehicles that they have booked and our sales staff or coordinators will point them in the right direction with suggestions and ideas. This is, perhaps, the very thing that kept our loyal customers with us throughout the years that Baltimore Charter Buses has been in business.

Baltimore Charter Buses believes in long term business. We do not aim to do business with your for ONE event. We intend to impress upon you that you can count on us every time you need a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, school bus, corporate car or any other ground transportation services. At the end of the day, we are looking to forging long-lasting ties with you so that we can make every single event in your life count for something.

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Oct 30, 2013 - Highlight of Hitting the Freedom Trail

There isn’t a smidgen doubt in my mind that a lot of the culture, history and roots that solely belongs to the people of Boston lies in their ability to stand together and stand strongly in the midst of trouble. Hence, I completely agree with it when Boston started promoting itself with the slogan, ‘Boston Strong’. You can feel the sense of pride whenever you hear the words uttered. As can be seen, as far as festivals are concerned, people best know the city for hosting Boston Tea Party event every year, without fail. And if you are here for a Boston bus rentals vacation with your loved ones this time of the year, you are going to be absolutely thrilled with the sheer number of activities going on. It is, after all, the end of the year.

The same way you should take a charter bus ride to see Lady Liberty when you are in New York, one should not miss the chance to hit Freedom Trail when in Boston. It is one of the first historic walking tours in the country. To prepare yourself for what entails, try Google search up Boston’s Freedom Trail guide and you are good to go. Not only will the walking tour give you a respite from sitting out a long journey in the charter bus, coach charter, mini bus, party bus, transportation charter, mini bus or school bus, you will get the chance to learn about America’s most notable and important history

It all begins at The Old North Church which was built all the way back in 1723. It continues to be the oldest active church in Boston. Other churches may have survived pretty much the same history as The Old North Church but the fact remains, it was at this premise that ‘The British are coming’ was shouted. It was also at this very church that Robert newman climbed atop the church to warn Paul Revere about the oncoming American Revolution.

Don’t miss the chance to snap a picture of yourself with the Paul Revere statue located nearby the building. You will pass the statue during the walking tour.

Paul Revere’s home has been turned into a historical landmark today and it continues to enjoy much fame and attention from foreign tourists and visitors from out of town today. Its dark shutters may have shut out the dark history behind it but from a charter bus visitor’s point of view, this man’s contribution serves as a beacon of light for local Bostonians till this very day.


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